Peak Names
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Peak Names

The peaks of Mount Kenya have been given names from three different sources.


Firstly, several Maasai chieftains have been commemorated, with names such as Batian, Nelion and Lenana. They commemorate Mbatian, a Maasai Laibon (Medicine Man), Nelieng, his brother, and Lenana and Sendeyo, his sons. Terere is named after another Maasai headman.


The second type of names that were given to peaks are after European climbers and explorers. Some examples of this are Shipton, Sommerfelt, Tilman, Dutton and Arthur.


There is a group of four peaks to the east of the main peaks named after European settlers; Coryndon, Grigg, Delamere and McMillan.


There were others named by the missionary Arthur .The remaining names are after well-known Kenyan personalities

Facts and Figures
Elevation-17,057 Feet-5,199 Meters
Longitude-37º 18 E
Latitude-0º 09 S
Climate- Tropical Rain Climate

Best Climbing Season- Southern Side- December, January, February & March
                                 Northern Side- June, July August & September

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