Our Staff

Our Staff

We have a team of highly diligent, experienced and enthusiastic professionals. They are dedicated and committed individuals who are qualified to operate safely in all the activities and are carefully chosen and give special attention to details in order to offer you a remarkable experience.

  • Our guides

Guiding is about sound judgment, local knowledge, and understanding the risks and processes involved when exploring the mountains. This is where our expert is. Our guides are professionals and have successfully passed with all rescue procedures linked to every activity. To maintain their high standard of qualification, our guides have to follow every year, refreshing and continuous formation courses in safety procedure, First Aid, Rescue Operations and other advanced life-skills. Your safety is their biggest concern!

  • Our Cooks

Our cooks have Jungle experience for proper preparation of the meals, including setting up a suitable diet to cater for all, at your own comfort and satisfaction; our trekkers are ever amazed with the quality and quantity of food we supply to them during the climb. Generally, we provide a three course menu for each trekker. Meals are made to high standards and are mainly delicious, sometimes better than those in most luxury hotels noting the circumstances under which these are prepared. All meals are made to international standards. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are provided.

  • Our Porters

This is a team that plays a very crucial role by assisting you in carrying your luggage, food materials and the cooking equipment, they are ‘children of the country’ and the mountain has been their playground for many years. Their perfect knowledge of the massifs is a trump card for your security. Our porters have wealthy experience with mountain treks and have good communication and first aid skills. In case of uncertain weather or of difficult conditions, they will know how to guide you towards your goal in the best condition or adapt the itinerary or the program to offer you the best for your stay. In case of rescue operation, they are of great assistance as they literally carry you, the victim and the belongings.

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